Brixton Furniture Zara Collection

Introducing the Zara Collection from Brixton Furniture. The back cushions extend over the arm on this style.

Available in Various Sectional Configurations, Sofas, Loveseats, Chairs and Ottomans

4 Arm Styles: The 8.5" wide Track Straight Arm (I), the Traditional Rolled Arm (J), the Humped Track Arm (K) and the Puffy Pillow Top Arm (L).

3 Cushion Styles: The standard Box, the Bull Nose (rolled/no front seams) and double Pillow Top cushions.

4 Leg Choices

Dimensions: 38" Depth

20 Different Leathers

Zara Arm I Box Cush

Zara Arm J Box Cush

Zara Arm J Picture Frame Cush

Zara Sectional Arm K Box Cush Fellside Acorn






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